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Mucho gusto en conocerlo

And it was a great pleasure to meet you. Bien es cierto que actuar educadamente no desmerece a nadie. - Great pleasure to meet you, sir. Mucho gusto en conocerla (if it's a girl) or Mucho gusto en conocerlo (if it's a boy) or Mucho gusto en conocerlos (if it's more than one person). However, I can find almost nothing on the internet that teaches people to use that phrase. Y tuve mucho gusto en conocerte. Translations in context of "gusto en conocerlo" in Spanish-English from Reverso Context: Mucho gusto en conocerlo, señor. Para salir del paso. 26-03-2008 · When I was trying to learn a little Spanish years ago, one of the tapes I listened to taught me to say "Mucho gusto conocerlo" as a formal greeting. Another option is to say "Mucho gusto" alone. Es una fórmula de cortesía de presentación y por tanto un estereotipo en la comunicación. Seems to be there are a lot of concerns about '''Spaniard Spanish vs Latin American Spanish'. Sin crear vínculo de compromiso alguno. 22-05-2014 · Mucho gusto es más aséptico. You can use all this phrases in any country. Ej. : Vas con prisa y te presentan a alguien que no conoces de nada ni te interesa su vida para …This means that "Mucho gusto de conocerlo" and "Mucho gusto de conocerle" are both fine if referring to a man, but one must say "Mucho gusto de conocerla" for women. But I would like to affirm . Es más breve. So, is "conocerlo" a common Spanish word, or some odd dialect I happened to pick up? I'm pretty sure the tape was based on the language of Spain, but I …Este es el profesor Marcus Jenkins, de la Universidad de Cambridge. This is Professor Marcus Jenkins, from the University of Cambridge. I don''t think that is referred to Spaniard Spanish or Latin American Spanish. 10-09-2019 · ''Mucho gusto'', ''Encantado/a (de conocerlo)'' and ''Es un placer'', all mean ''Nice to meet you''. It was a great dinner. Fue una cena fantástica. No denota afectividad hacia el otro. Traducciones en contexto de "Mucho gusto en conocerlo" en español-inglés de Reverso Context: Mucho gusto en conocerlo, joven Smudge. - Mucho gusto en conocerlo, caballero. I would not use "en" in that sentence, I think only "Mucho gusto de conocerlo" is correct. Asked in Spanish to English16-01-2012 · I have a feeling you will come across both - mucho gusto en conocerlas in America which is gramatically correct but I think as a case of leísmo you'll hear conocerles in Spain, which is also well accepted

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